We are ProFx Inc. Texas Premiere Fireworks Display & Special Effects Company. After viewing our web site, we trust that you will see what sets us apart from our competitors in the pyrotechnic & special effects industry.
Our innovative designs and state of the art technology will allow us to bring a new dimension to your event.
We have had the privilege of working with many high profile clients.  Our years with these clients speak for themselves.  Several of our clients have been with us for over 19 years.  Our work has been featured in commercials, television, music videos, news broadcasts, corporate functions, and featured films, to name a few.  Some of our work has been produced for the world stage.
ProFx Inc. has been a Texas based company for over 20 years.  Because we are local, we can provide you with the best service at a competitive price.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your clients on your next event.

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